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Truly inspirational

AC 7299 018L 10X8 lrWe’ve been privileged to photograph some pretty amazing people in our time, but none more so than Emi Howe – a young mum of two who is a passionate campaigner for KidsCan – the Children’s Cancer Research Charity. But that isn’t the only thing that makes Emi amazing.

Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Almost immediately Emi underwent a mastectomy and decided to chronicle her experiences to help others on the same journey. Already a children’s writer and funny mummy blogger, she will now also be working with Breast Cancer Care, raising awareness of breast cancer through interviews, articles and publicity. Emi bravely asked us to photograph her at key stages in her treatment. The first photoshoot was last week and, as you can see, the result is both beautiful and humbling.AC 7299 046L 10X8 lr


We are honoured to have been able to meet this brave young woman who is facing the disease head on with good humour and raw honesty, using her experience to help others;

Every time I take my clothes off, my boob has moved! My surgeon implanted it high, away from the trauma site and it is gradually slipping satisfyingly into place. It’s very disconcerting but nice, like growing a sunflower and makes the feeling of having a space-hopper wedged where it shouldn't be, that bit more bearable!

It was a pleasure to be asked to portray the emotional and physical changes Emi’s body is undergoing and we look forward to working with her until the successful conclusion of her treatment, and beyond.

To show our support for Emi’s campaign, we will make a donation to breast cancer research from all female photo shoots in October (Breast Cancer Awareness month).

Until next time.

Emi’s blog: http://www.nofunmum.blogspot.co.uk/

To donate in support of Emi: https://www.justgiving.com/COCH-balloonrace